The Shape of Beauty

Updated: Jan 23

We are so happy to share with you something we are so excited about. Laflex Equestrian's Shape of Beauty Campaign.

We invited five beautiful women to our home for the morning to take part in our 'Shape of Beauty' campaign photoshoot. The morning was full of laughs and giggles, and we think that is evident in the photos produced.

Body confidence is a huge issue, especially in this day and age where social media is a prominent feature in our day to day lives.

We want to take a more realistic approach with our photographs, and use a real-world scenario where women are all kinds of different shapes and sizes. We want women to not feel excluded by Laflex, because whatever your size, Flexars have the ability to make you feel comfortable, confident and beautiful.

The campaign aims to prove that to have beauty, you just need to be yourself.

The women pictured in these photographs are in every size we stock, XS to XL.


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