My initial meeting with the first manufacturer was in London, nearly eighteen months ago, which now seems like forever as so much has happened. Our design was almost there but the fabric wasn’t quite right and we needed a material which did justice to our vision of the new jodhpur. I wanted something that was comfortable, soft to touch and with just the right amount of stretch, yet one that was also durable, easy to wash and technical, with a high wicking capability. It felt like searching for the holy grail!

Eventually, I chose a suitable fabric and ordered my first sample. I waited with excited anticipation but when the sample arrived I hated it! I did this a further six times with three different manufacturers and six different types of fabric, until at last I was happy. The design, fabric and manufacturer were made for each other! The final sample was made and testing began. We had to make sure the product was hard wearing whilst being comfortable and had to wash really well. After three months of rigorous testing, we knew we had a great product.

By this point, I’d been wearing my new leggings (creator, model, product tester, the list goes on!) for a few weeks, when going for dinner, drinks and seeing friends – and I kept being asked questions about them. It turned out my daughters got the same questions whilst wearing them at the yard and at the gym.

First, they needed a name. It’s no good having a great product without a great name. I came up with Flexars, easy to remember and catchy!

Next up was choosing the colours, a difficult choice. I decided to launch with popular, easy to wear colours, and to add ‘one-off’ seasonal colours to these staples.

Finally, the time came to make our first Flexars. We have a great relationship with our quality control, and it ensures you’ll never have to wait too long for your Flexars. 

So, what makes the Flexars so unique, what makes them stand out amongst the hundreds of riding trousers available? I believe Flexars are the most durable, comfortable pair of trousers you will wear, with the added bonus of being versatile. They don’t just have to be for riding. Try them out at the gym, wear them as every day leggings or pair them with heels and show off your new Flexars on a night out, the choice is yours!

I wear my Flexars as much as possible and my daughters won’t ride in anything else. They love the comfort and style and the way they can wear them riding, in the yard, or around town, day or evening. And they can’t wait for the full range of Laflex products to be launched, so watch this space!

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